Matthias LewinHi! My name is Matthias Lewin. I am Marketing Technologist at Apollo Travel Group, one of the leading tour operators in the Nordics. In this role I work in the intersection between business, marketing and IT on a constant mission to digitalize the organisation, put data in the center of marketing and communication efforts as well as decision making in general.


Ten Years Experience

Before joining Apollo, I had been working in several marketing and product related roles in the software, e-commerce and media industry for almost 10 years. This gave me valuable experience across different size organisations, different digital maturity and innovative power levels.

Digital Transformation <3

I’m truly passionate about digital transformation and like to drive the use of insights and digital solutions to support business needs. I enjoy connecting different departments in a dialogue to identify and solve common challenges. I have a strong believe that cross-functional teams can create real value to the business and are a key to succeed with customer centricity.

And What Else?

Born and raised in Northern Germany, I am now based in Stockholm, Sweden. I love traveling and am always eager to learn about differences in cultures and languages. When I find the time I am a passionate photographer, who shares his work on Flickr way too rarely. I can enjoy a good football game, as well as a nice round of craft beer or single malt whisky.

Want to chat or grab a coffee? Feel free to reach out or add me on Linkedin or Twitter.